Memorial History

Information partly taken from the noticeboard in the Memorial Garden . . .

The land on which the Garden of Remembrance and Cenotaph stand, was bequethed to the village, in perpituity, by local land owner, Mr. T Pierce of Llwyn. It was designed by members of the community, and was officially opened on the 10th July 1922.

The monument cost £564 1s 6d which was raised by house-to-house collections, local fundraising activities, and donations, some coming from as far afield as the Welsh community in Patagonia, and America.

The trees in the garden were planted in memory of those who died in the First and Second World Wars. The 13 in the background represent the men who died in the First World War, and the 6 in the foreground represent those who died in the Second World War. Presently (as of 2017), the six trees in the foreground, and some to the rear, are in the process of being replaced, the origional trees sucumming to age and the Welsh weather. The lawn too will be receiving special treatment as of the spring of 2018. The local British Legion were origionally responsible for the maintenance of the garden, but now the Community Council have taken on this role.